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The Lady Gaga Appeal
Friday, July 17, 2009 @ 11:27 PM

So, for weeks now, I've been trying to come with a Lady Gaga look, or something at least close to it maybe...? Like this look that i have up here for show; I wouldn't call this the TOTAL Lady Gaga look persè but it seems pretty damn close to me. Check the face. Do you hear rain approaching?

From top to bottom:
Cocoro, the hair in the picture, is from Zero Style. Zero Style is a hair store in sl that is known for their Japanese-style hairs, so don't let the name fool you this hair store has PLENTY of style.
When trying to put together a Lady Gaga look, you must include the lightning bolt, trendy, and just damn fabulous. In the lightning pack you get FIVE different bolt which can all be bought at Glow Studio, a great place for accesories; I went in there one day and I knew I had to come back, it's that fabulous. And moving on to this gorgeous jacket named Maps, is from a store called &Bean. The prim wrist cuffs on this jacket weren't originally pink, they were actually a turquoise color; I changed the color to my liking. The purple Gold Digga top is from Nait Smith designs. The leather, Star Mini Black shorts are from Fishy Strawberry; they double as a skirt and shorts, but intentially made to be a skirt.
The Fishy Leggings are also from Fishy Strawberry, but i'm sure you all knew that from the moment i typed the name. And lastly, the shoes, the silver Amour Heels are from Atomic, and on these lovely heels are a beaded ankle bracelet-like band and a nice bow tie in the back of the heel.

Hi I'm Nai, & I'm a Bijou-a-holic
@ 3:13 AM

Bijou has become one of my extra favorite fashion stores in SL, and it is not just because of how her clothes look but because of how her clothes seem to almost always differentiate from one outfit to the next, I've never saw an outfit there that looked quite the same, or maybe there are, did i miss something? Correct me if I'm wrong. But to really start this off, of course I have to give you all the details on the looks, i refuse to make you wait any longer.

Look #1 [The] Summer Look:
The purple belted top featured in the photo is from Bijou, and this top is actually apart of the swimsuit Fabulous, which is no doubt indeed Fabulous, *wink, wink*. The shorts, from Kunglers, are called Jordyn, and these shorts actually come with a suspenders jacket layer that turns the shorts into high-waist shorts w/ suspenders; trendy isn't it?
The hair is called Amber by Maitreya Hair. And I know the photo doesn't show whole hair, but the hair is a pony, not a short cut.
And finally, the shoes - featured in both photos - are from Kalnins Fashion Footwear (KFF). Don't you just love color change shoes? No wasting your precious time going in and out of your inventory and changing and then rezzing, ugh, total blah! Color changeable shoes rock my virtual socks.

Look #2 [The] Sexy, Formal Look:
This belted, champagne, beige dress is [another] Bijou made item, which comes in two styles sleeved or sleeveless and the boa-like collar is a prim so if you're not a fan of it you can detach it.
Oh look another Hair Fair hair, how can you not have one?! It's a Curio Hair, color-changeable hair band, made to go with anything; comes in multiple colors.
And the golden earrings are from FabulouS of the Cupcake Sim.

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Well Overdue...
Wednesday, July 15, 2009 @ 3:44 AM

Let me start off with an apology for not posting in such a LOOOONG while but i promise you, i will do bettah this time around. I don't know who's out there following my blog but I'm glad you're here.

Well I recently shopped at anuenue & came across this black dress the Lantana Dress
that I bought sometime ago so I knew I had to blog about it, so I strapped on these fabulous Digi Darkes Lotus Heels and was well on my way.
The Lotus Heels are color changeable and just simply fabulous all the way to the prim toes, and yes I said prim toes! Which seems to be the "it" thing nowadays on SL and if it's your style it may as well be mine lol.

The skin, which is my definite fave, is from Vive9, the Belle Tan Skin, and there's actually a sale taking place at V9 which will end on the 26th so get there quickly! Fat packs have all been reduced by 50% on all previously made skins.

This short hairstyle that I am currently wearing in the photo, is from Exile, the Jade hair - each pack contains 6 different colors. And now available at Exile is the Hair Fair hair, don't be the last to buy it.

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Why hello there pretty bishes =D
Saturday, May 16, 2009 @ 7:33 PM

This is a definite revamp ugh i hope i can keep up with it THIS time xD love you all.
- Naimah Umia